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Wippl connects marketers and advertisers with a pure Caribbean online audience.

About Wippl

Wippl helps businesses, small or large, advertise online to a Caribbean audience. Reach Caribbean customers at home, or anywhere in the global Diaspora.

We serve millions of ad impressions each month across our network of top quality, curated Caribbean websites.

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Advertise with us

Let us showcase your products and services across our network of top quality Caribbean websites. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Upload your ads
2. Your ads are shown on Caribbean sites
3. Monitor your results

Platform Features

Reach Caribbean customers anywhere in the world with our platform.

Caribbean Diaspora Targeting

Advertise locally or globally. Target your marketing to Caribbean customers in a single country, or any combination of countries.

Smart Platform

Wippl᾿s intelligent platform evaluates millions of data-points in real-time to ensure that your ads get seen by the right people.

Performance Reporting

Up-to-the-minute performance reporting empowers you to make timely and effective marketing decisions.

Any Budget

Your advertising costs depend on your individual goals, so your budget is up to you. Spend as much or as little as you like and pay only for results.

What we can do for you


We help businesses - small, medium, or large - expose their products and services to the Caribbean diaspora. Target only the audience you want. Choose the budget that suits your needs.

Ad Agencies

We understand the challenge you face in finding multiple advertising channels for your clients. We offer you a pure Caribbean marketing channel. Manage your clients from a single dashboard.


We want to help Caribbean startups succeed. If you're a Caribbean incubator or business development center, ask us about our promotions and partnership programs.


The Wippl ad network is built from the ground up exclusively for Caribbean web publishers. Wippl connects you with advertising from Caribbean brands. Relevant ads that complement your content means you make money. Wippl eliminates the need for advertising sales and engineering teams, so you᾿ll save money. It᾿s easy, it᾿s simple - get started with just a single line of code. Small blog, or high traffic website, if you serve Caribbean content, Wippl is right for you.

Our Team

Melissa Harris

Founder, CEO

Melissa drives Wippl᾿s long term vision and strategy. A Trinidad and Tobago native, Melissa attended university in New York. A childhood aptitude for technology led to a BS in Computer Science from the CUNY BA Program. As a student, Melissa created Caribdaily, the Caribbean᾿s first news aggregation portal. The following year, she built Wiwords, a cross-referencing dictionary of Caribbean language.

Laune Harris

Founder, CTO

Laune is in charge of Wippl᾿s technical product specifications and implementation. From Jamaica, he holds post-graduate degrees in Computer Sciences from New York University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has extensive experience in architecting and building ad-tech platforms for startups. Prior to Wippl, Laune was a senior Software Engineer and Security Certifier at

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